Bitter repair & Servicing at Woodcote Garage, Berkshire

Manufactured by Erich Bitter Automobil GmbH, this premium sports-luxury initially produced in Germany and then later in Austria is a true classic.

The Bitter CD was introduced at the end of 1973 after a very successful showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show, taking 176 orders, but with the oil crises hitting the industry, most orders were cancelled.

By the end of 1975, Baur had built exactly 100 CD’s. With the effects of the oil crises now receding, CD sales started to pick up and the car was officially being sold in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

During the last three years of production until 1979, Baur increased productionto around 1.5 cars per week to meet extra demand. At the end of production, Baur had built 390 CD’s with a handful being registered in 1980.

450 SC’s were built from late 1980 to early 1986; and of these 450 cars, 420 were coupe’s, 25 were Cabriolet’s and 5 were Sedans.

The first 100 SC Coupe’s all had 3 litre engines, were built between late 1980 and the beginning of 1983, and were assembled at Bitters Schwelm works where they were treated to underseal.

The estimated allocation of SC sales to the UK was 26.

At TS Cars & Son, we are one of the few garages in the UK with experience on these classics. Having owned and re-built the Bitter SC, we have gained a wealth of knowledge not only on the repair and servicing side, but we also sell these cars on our forecourt.