Classic Car Repair in Berkshire

With over 50 years of experience in the classic car industry, we are well placed to advise on and carry out restoration work on your prized, classic or vintage vehicle. We have an enviable reputation for classic car repair in Berkshire.

With this experience, we have gained an excellant reputation for repairing old body panels, the fitting and alignment of new body panels and our welding quality.

With this Sunbeam Alpine, we have carried out major engine work, which involved removing the engine and clutch. It now drives beautifully.

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Classic Car Restoration

We are also specialists in traditional techniques such as ‘Lead Welding’ and ‘Panel Body Work’.

By using our experience and tools, we are able to hand build new parts that are unavailable or hard-to find, or restore original parts to their former glory.

Having owned numourous classic cars in the past, we are well aware of the care required and the trust you give us to repair your prized pocession.

An example of work that we carry out at TS & Son.

The heater box has been removed in order to replace a leaking heater matrix on a Bitter 3.9. A complicated job as you can see!